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Products displayed in the eMall are usually already physically imported to Europe and stored with a Fulfillment partner (in France and or Netherlands). The goods therefore have already physically entered the European Union economic area and have successfully been cleared by customs and import VAT. Since the products of multiple sellers and brands are in the same location, this allows you to order different products from different sellers in one go. It also allows customers to pay in one payment and have the products delivered to you in one shipping. This is a simple and convenient approach as you can access different types of products from different designers without incurring extra cost and time placing a separate order from each seller. On the other hand, the variety of goods and the stocks of products may be limited and may not represent the complete catalog of our brands and sellers.
Some products may be displayed in the online store without being physically imported to Europe yet, please pay attention to indications and conditions from each seller/brand. 
Professional buyers are invited to contact the sellers directly using their contact details at the bottom of their shop under this website.



Orders are to be paid in full and online by credit/debit card or other instant/electronic payment methods. The payment is collected at one time, by one managing entity, and on behalf of all the sellers involved in the order. The payment descriptor or name that will appear in your payment history or bank history will be mentioned during the payment process and will not necessarly be showing “Ivorymall.com”.

The buyer may be required to provide Due Diligence documents such as a copy of their identity card and proof of ownership of the payment tool (payment card etc.). This is done for security and anti-fraud purposes.

Payment are collected by the Ettyka company who is the distributor of all brands/products of the involved sellers.

Security of payments:

All payments made online are to be processed by secure online payment gateway partners.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that he/she is indeed redirected to the genuine payment provider’s website before confirming his/her payment.

IvoryMall browsing and orders are secured by an SSL certificate.

IvoryMall does not and will never store any card payment information on its database.

No seller should ask a buyer regarding their card information and no buyer shall give any sensitive payment data to a seller.

All online transaction’s critical data are to be entered exclusively on the genuine & secure payment gateway page of the selected payment provider.

IvoryMall shall not bear any responsibility in the event of loss or misappropriation of payment data or credential by a malicious party. It is the responsibility of each user of IvoryMall to make sure that heshe is not a victim of “phishing” or malign orders


Contestations and Chargebacks:

Sellers are individually responsible for the quality and conformity of their products. Delivery and logistics are under the responsibility of our eFulfilment partner and the transport company used. If a contestation is about the conformity or quality of the product, the buyer needs to contact the seller. If the contestation is about the delivery delay or any damage that seems to be due to transport process, the buyer can contact IvoryMall support team for follow up.

The buyer shall not initiate a chargeback process without first contacting the different sellers involved in his/her order or the Ivorymall support team. Given the fact that orders often involve multiple sellers, the problem of one given product/seller shall not affect all the other sellers involved in the same transaction. For any issues involved with an order, please check the Shipping and return policy.

A conflict resolution process will be initiated by the payment collection institution (payment processor) and documentation may be requested to the buyer to prove the defect of the order (such as a photo of the damaged package or the default in the product). In the event that the problem is verified, the seller through the payment collection institution will initiate a refund for the concerned part of the amount.

These terms and conditions may change without prior notice.

Terms and conditions of our payment and logistic or other partners may apply in addition to these terms.